8 Awesome Spring Break Ideas for Kids

Spring break is here! And it’s a welcome break for both kids and parents. Probably half of spring breakers will be going on a trip this week to enjoy, but for other parents, it’s business as usual at work.

Don’t worry moms and dads. We got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of 8 awesome creative ways to keep the kids active and still make their week-long break from school memorable. They’re all very low-tech, so it’s the perfect chance to encourage your kids to turn off their iPads, mobile phones, and video game consoles.

  1. Marco Polo – If you have a pool, this is amazingly simple to organize, and as it’s all about stealth, kids tend to stay quiet. Everyone gets on the pool and one person closes their eyes and counts to 10. That person then says “Marco” and everyone must reply “Polo”. The “It” person tries to catch someone to be “It”.
  2. Supermarket “I-Spy” – Have the kids help with grocery errands by playing this awesome version of this well-loved game. Challenge them to spot something yellow, something crunchy, something cold, etc. Winner could pick tonight’s dessert.
  3. Classic Volcano Experiment – Have the kids create their mini Mt. Vesuvius using molding clay. Then all you need is some white vinegar and baking soda to make the lava magic happen. Make sure to do it outdoors or risk using a lot of paper towels for that messy cleanup.
  4. Playground Hopping – With typical park playgrounds now having so many different equipment, kids could easily spend a few hours enjoying a nice spring day at the park. Shoot some hoops (basketball), play soccer, fly a kite, ride bikes and/or scooters, play catch, throw a Frisbee… there’s a lot of amazing things to do.
  5. Duck Duck Goose – An original “in class” game that works perfectly if there’s a spring shower outside, or the weather is a still a little chilly. How to Play it? Everyone sits in a circle. One person is assigned the tagger, and he or she walks around the circle, touching each person’s head and either saying “duck” or “goose.” If they say “duck”, things continue as is. If they say “goose” the person tagged must try to catch the tagger before they can get back to their spot. If the tagger gets caught, they’re out of the game and have to sit in the mushpot (the middle of the circle).
  6. Plant Flowers – Bring spring inside. Have the kids decorate little pots and then fill them with planting soil and plant the flowers. Have them water the plants daily, not just during the spring break period.
  7. Nature Hike – For a spring learning adventure, take the kids hiking in a nature area and have them learn to identify birds, trees, plants, and flowers. Spring is a natural time for kids to explore science and nature. Maybe do a quick stop to the library on the way as there are lots of books to help.
  8. Pajama Party – End an awesome fun-filled day with more fun. PJ parties still rock! Pop some popcorn and watch a movie. In between, make sure to have lots of gossips and pillow fights. You can even invite some friends over.

As a bonus activity, consider some days Doing Nothing! Yup,… nothing. In today’s time of over-scheduled kids, having such days where they can sleep late and wake up whenever they want, play creatively, work on a hobby, or just generally relax, may actually re-energize them as they get set to go back to school next week.

Have fun!


Algebra and Calculus to be introduced in Preschool as kids demand more challenges

“We are so bored with Dr. Seuss. And Baby Shark is getting too old. My brother was reviewing the Fourier Transform the other day. I checked it out and it was so easy!” – Alisha, 5

Our kids demand the best from us, so we listened.

Beginning School Year 2019-2020, we will be introducing Calculus to our Pre-K program, and our Toddler classes will be introduced to Algebra. Parents are advised to take up refresher courses on these subjects over the summer break so that you will be ready to assist the children on their homework starting next school year.

Of course this is a joke – it’s April Fools’ Day after all. 🤣 But our preschoolers do learn a lot of amazing things. They graduate Pre-K and Kindergarten well-prepared for big school. Imagine all the great things that can start here for your child. 🤗 ❤️


Important Internet Safety Warning: What You Need to Know

I want to preface this by saying, this is not the type of blog I want to be writing and it is graphic and detailed to protect your child.

As parents and educators, it’s our life’s purpose to ensure our children are safe, happy and healthy individuals. What seems like a harmless leisure activity could take a downward turn resulting in harm to your child’s physical or mental state. You guessed it! I’m talking about screen time. I’m sure we can all admit, although we don’t encourage screen time, there are times when we allow it. Whether it be for our child’s own gratification or to give ourselves a couple minutes of quiet (Don’t be afraid to admit it, we all do it!). But what are our kids really watching when they engage in “safe-sites” such as Kids YouTube? Probably watching some of their favorite cartoons, someone unbox the newest surprise toy or an informative video on colors, numbers, shapes. etc. We’ve all glanced over their shoulders to take a peek and all seems harmless. But what if it’s not?

In recent news there have been reports videos that show your child’s favorite character taking pills, passing out and another character crying over the body or a man showing children how to self-harm and then proceeds to encourage them to “end it”. Unfortunately, it only gets worse…

 There have also been reports of new “challenges” such as the “Momo Challenge”. In short, a creepy doll head pops up in your child’s video clip usually about 4 minutes into the video and begins to tell your child to do harmful things such as stick a fork in a socket, take all your mom’s medicine or turn the oven on when your parents are asleep… just to name a few. Momo then tells your child if they tell anyone about her or what she talked to the about, she will kill them while they sleep and kill their family. Scared yet?

Although sites like YouTube Kids are trying to take every measure they can to weed these videos out, we as parents need to make sure we are doing our part to protect our kids. Here are some tips to help:

  • Only allow trusted apps.
  • Abstain from use all together.
  • Watch with your child and report any inappropriate content immediately.
  • Talk with your child about if they’ve seen or heard anything and what to do if they do.
  •  Choose other outlets for downtime such as books /e-books, coloring, board games, etc.

I’ve attached the link to an article for a visual and some additional information on specifics. Please use your discretion when viewing. I would Not recommend viewing in front of your child. If you fear your child may have come across Momo or any of these harmful videos, I would recommend the following.

  1. ASK your child if they know who Momo is. Do NOT show them her picture quite yet in case they have not seen her. No need to subject them to the image if they aren’t familiar.
  2. Use your judgement in determining if your child’s answer was truthful; after all, Momo did threaten them not to tell anyone. If your child seems anxious, uncomfortable or you have other reason to believe they aren’t being truthful, let them know it’s okay to talk to you about it and if they had seen Momo, she isn’t real and someone is playing a mean trick on them. If you still feel your child is still not being truthful, use your judgement if now would be an appropriate time to show them Momo’s picture.
  3. If your child does admit that they know who Momo is, ask them what she has told them, where they saw her and how they feel about it all. Reassure them that she is not real and someone is just playing a mean trick on them.
  4. Be sure you are careful in your words and reactions so you don’t unintentionally scare your child or make them uncomfortable in talking with you about this issue or anything in the future.
  5. Use your discretion as a parent to know if you should or should not show your child Momo’s picture as a precaution in case they come across her in the future.
  6. Talk with your child about what to do if they see or hear something that is not nice, hurtful or dangerous whether it be from a video, app, a friend, an adult or even a stranger.

Link for more information:

WARNING: Viewer Discretion Advised

Screen Time for Kids: A new research warning and the alternatives

A new research raises long term negative effects of long periods of screen time to children.

According to the United States National Institute of Health, who conducted the first long-term study on how screen time affects children’s brains, suggests more than 2 hours a day could do damage. Read more about it here.

How Screen Time Affects Children’s Brains – An NIH study

We’ve compiled a few alternatives that can help parents ease out of screen time dependency. Comment below for what has worked for you.