How Our Centers Are Celebrating An Awesome And Safe Halloween During COVID-19

Halloween celebrations will definitely look different this year. But they can still be awesome!

Welcome to Halloween 2020. It will definitely look different this year due to COVID-19 and the need to keep everyone safe.

When our centers reopened in June, our main focus was addressing COVID-19 concerns in a childcare/preschool setting and keeping our children, families, and teachers safe. We did this through implementation and enforcement of strict new health and safety protocols. And with the cooperation of our families, those protocols have kept everyone safe and families are very happy.

In previous years, our facilities celebrated this well-loved holiday with awesome activities such as Trunk-‘N-Treats, costume parades, and classroom parties. The children always look forward to being in their favorite costumes. This year, we want to keep those traditions but had to think outside the box on how to safely do them.

What We Are Doing To Celebrate Halloween Safely


We will be doing our parade and candy distribution outside via our Trunk-n-Treat. This year, instead of a U-shaped path where cars are parked on either side of the lot, the cars are lined up in a singular line to lessen crowding. And the cars will also be spaced out more than usual.

Trunk Sanitizing

We will go around and sanitize the car trunks of those participating in the Trunk-n-Treat using our portable sanitizing ULV fogger machines prior to the start of the event. This is the one we use and they’re great.

Candies or Treats

It is important to prepare the treats that will be distributed during Halloween

This is the biggest challenge as the typical candy distribution cannot work anymore. Our solution? — Families participating will bring their store-bought only and unopened treat bags to the school a week before the event. We will put the candy bags in a room where they will first be wiped/sanitized and then left to “air out” and then distributed back to the families only just before the event.

We’ve also asked parents to bring the containers they’ll use to put the candies in and we will sanitize and air those out too.

Masks, Hand Washing, and Hand Sanitizing

During the event, everyone will be wearing masks (except for children below 2 years old). Children will wash their hands before and after the event, and family members will have to hand sanitize before they enter the controlled outdoor event zone.

Maybe you can do some of these in your own Halloween event preparations. Or suggest it to your child’s childcare center. Are there any other awesome ideas you have? Share it with us in the comments below.

When the pandemic ends, we can’t wait to go back to the normal ways of celebration. But hey, maybe some of these things aren’t so bad to carry forward. It’s always great to be healthy and safe.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child to one of our facilities, check out how we’re keeping our children safe with some awesome new health and safety protocols.

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