Greatstart International School Manila to Implement Successful Health and Safety Protocols of Greatstart US Facilities When In-Person Learning Re-Opens for the Incoming School Year

Since the pandemic began in March, there are 0 🅾️ originated cases of COVID-19 in our US facilities. Recently, our US schools are the 1st 🥇Preschool and Childcare in the US 🇺🇸 to use health monitoring smart bracelets.

  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet
  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet
  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet
  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet
  • Werabol Health Monitoring Dashboard

When Department of Education gives the greenlight for in-person learning to reopen in the Philippines, the health and safety of students will be on top of the list of schools and parents. We all hope that greenlight will be soon and just in time for the start of the incoming 2021-2022 school year,

Our Manila facility’s health and safety protocol will be a notch above everyone else’s because these new protocols we’ll be implementing are not really new. They have been proven and practiced in our US schools, which have been open since the pandemic started. So rest assured that when they are applied in Manila, they are best in class practices with proven records of success. And you’ll only find them at Greatstart.

Disinfectant fogging machines are continuously used in our facilities. We utilize sanitizing solutions that are safe and food industry-grade that kill bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds of surface contact.

Here’s the List of Distinct Health and Safety Features To Expect

  • Automated body temperature and oxygen level readings and monitoring via Werabol’s Health Monitoring System. Each student and staff wears a smart bracelet and the system provides advanced analytics to display trends of potential illnesses. We are able to mitigate possible infections before it starts.
  • Enhanced drop-off and pickup procedures using technology and methods to minimize interactions and exposures between families and staff
  • Adoption of US-standard daily health and safety questionnaire enables us to monitor possible exposures before families even come to the school
  • Advanced mitigating procedures in the event of possible exposures. These procedures have been signed off by the New Jersey Department of Health as well as the CDC.
  • Superior cleaning and sanitizing of the facility using proven COVID-19 disinfecting machines, equipment and supplies. This includes installing Ultraviolet (UV-C) light chambers in the facility that will sanitize masks, face shields, and other PPE equipment at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Modified and strict school operating policies and procedures when children are in school to minimize exposures and encourage social distancing as prescribed by US Preschools and Childcare Office of Licensing agencies. These include classroom configurations; seating arrangements; meal preparations; and even positions of cots and or sleeping mats (if your child is staying for after-care).
  • GISM will start using the well-reviewed HiMama preschool app to provide advanced communication, status updates and messaging with families.
  • Smaller class sizes to adhere to US social distancing recommendations and standards as prescribed by US Preschools and Childcare Office of Licensing agencies
  • Direct-line support from our US facilities who have tremendous experience in operating an in-person learning environment during the pandemic.

Specific details about each of these protocols will be provided upon enrollment. And we expect complete adherence and cooperation of the families. As with our experience in the US schools, the No. 1 reason why we’ve been successful in having 0 originated cases is because our families follow them, and they understand how important it is to do so.

Werabol Smart Bracelet
The smart bracelet records vital health signs such as body temperature and oxygen level.

For families that are not yet comfortable returning to a physical center, we continue and will continue to offer distant learning. Check out more details here –>

Due to reduced capacity, spots will be very limited. Please view and complete the reservation form to get the details on how to reserve a spot.

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