Greatstart International School Is The First Preschool And Childcare To Use Werabol’s Health Monitoring Bracelets To Keep Children Safer From COVID-19

  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet
  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet
  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet
  • child wearing health monitoring bracelet

We are very excited to announce that our facilities in New Jersey have started using Werabol‘s Health Monitoring Smart Bracelets . We are proud to be the first preschool and childcare institution in the US to utilize this advanced health and safety system.

Putting your child’s safety is the utmost importance to us, especially during this pandemic. Together with all the safety protocols we’ve put in place in our facilities, we are continuously working on enhancements and improvements.

Werabol’s Health Monitoring System automates how we monitor and record vital health signs, particularly Temperature and Oxygen levels, which studies have shown to be indicators of possible COVID-19 sickness. Through the smart bracelets, your child’s (and our staff) body temperature and oxygen levels are constantly taken and recorded.

Werabol Smart Bracelet
The smart bracelet records vital health signs such as body temperature and oxygen level.

Preventive Actions To Minimize If Not Eliminate Exposure

Advanced monitoring algorithm create health trends that will alert us such as rising body temperature or decreasing oxygen level. These trends help mitigate prolonged exposure in the facility by providing early detection of possible illness. We act quicker, such as requesting the child to be picked up immediately, before an actual fever occurs.

How It Works

When your child enters the facility, the bracelet starts transmitting body temperature and oxygen level readings. This is continuous at regular intervals throughout the day. There is a dashboard monitor in the facility where we constantly check these readings.

Werabol Health Monitoring Dashboard
The Health Dashboard provides real-time view of temperature and oxygen level readings as well as trends of potential illness

Color-coded Temperature and Oxygen readings quickly see potential health issues. The system actively monitors trends and provides audible and visual alerts of potential illnesses such as an impending fever.

For families that are not yet comfortable returning to a physical center, we continue to offer distant learning. Check out more details here –>

Due to reduced capacity, spots will be very limited. Please go to to check out our most-up-to-date spot availability and reserve now.

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