8 Amazing Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is officially May 6-10. But at most of our Greatstart facilities, we have at least a 3-week long celebration because one week is never enough to show how much thankful we are for the wonderful teachers and staff that educate and care for our little ones.

Teacher Appreciation Week almost here. It’s the most exciting time of the year for us because we get to celebrate all the wonderful and amazing things our super teachers do everyday.

We’ve compiled these awesome gift ideas that we hope will inspire you to give them all the pampering they deserve for molding the lives of our children.

Candy Bar Gift Tags

Teacher Bookmark – Free Printables

Toe-Tally Awesome Nail Polish Free Printables

Hands Down Best Teacher – Free Tags

Personalized Calculator

Sharpie Gift Idea

Key To My Success Keychain Gift Idea

Teacher Straw Cup DIY Gift Idea

Of course you can also give them gift cards from their favorite shops, or you can stop by your school and buy them breakfast, lunch, or send in some snacks.

Whether you buy or make them something, the important thing is to show how much you appreciate them.

We love our teachers!