Included Home Activity Kits Makes Preschool Virtual Learning More Manageable to Working Parents

Though our centers are re-opening starting June 15, we are offering alternative learning options to families that are not ready to return yet.
Though our centers are re-opening starting June 15, we are offering alternative learning options to families that are not ready to return yet.

Welcome to our Enhanced Home School Connection Learning Series. It’s designed to encourage your child and assist you in your home preschool environment.

In these changing times, we understand that the transition to home pre-schooling has not been easy for parents, as they juggle between their needs to work remotely, as well as find materials and activities for their children. We understand the need to continue educating kids through new media such as remote learning and home schooling activity kits, and that it should be presented with parents’ limited time in mind.

And that’s how these kits were developed — with you in mind. We’ve included the materials, worksheets and calendar schedule, and step-by-step guide on how to do the activities at home with very minimal supervision. Teachers will supplement the kits with regular virtual classes. These activities will reinforce and strengthen age-appropriate learning foundations necessary to master and move to the next program.

We trust that you and the child will have fun while enjoying learning.

Not ready to return to a physical location yet? Learn more about our virtual classes and home activity kits by clicking on your nearest center’s FB page below, or emailing us at

If you’re interested in enrolling your child to one of our facilities, check out how we’re keeping our children safe with some awesome new health and safety protocols

How We’re Keeping Children Safe In Our Childcare Facilities in this COVID-19 Pandemic

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We are very excited to announce that our facilities in New Jersey will re-open beginning June 15.

We will be following new guidelines set forth by the NJ Department of Office and Families and the CDC. But aside from that, we are implementing additional enhanced safety protocols to ensure our children and staff are safe and healthy.

Kids temperature check using infrared thermometer
Temperature checks upon arrival and throughout the day

New Safety Protocols
Here are some of our health and safety policies and procedures. The complete list is in our parent handbook. We require parents’ strict adherence to these protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Note that some methods and procedures may vary by location.

  1. Parents are Visitors are not allowed inside the facility. Children are to be dropped-off and picked-up in designated zones.
  2. Parents must wear masks when dropping-off or picking-up.
  3. Temperature checks upon arrival and throughout the day. Though the general guideline requires only an arrival check, we feel constant monitoring is very important so we can take quite actions, if necessary.
  4. Shoe soles are sanitized upon entry.
  5. Children must wash their hands upon arrival.
  6. Daily screening questions to parents to track potential outbreaks. We are in the process of adding an online capability to complete the questionnaire to make it easier to complete and save time.
  7. Families are required to install the COVID-19 app (available on iOS and Android devices) on their phones to allow contact tracing if such situation arises and there’s a need for it.
  8. Controlled Drop-Off Procedures. Families park in designated numbered spots upon drop-off. One at a time, families may enter the facility’s reception area. A spotlight will turn on to notify the other waiting families that someone is at the drop-off zone. Once the parent leaves the reception area, the spotlight will turn-off to signal the next family that they can proceed to drop-off.
  9. Controlled Pick-Up Procedures. Similar to the Drop-off Procedures, but families can call ahead to notify the school they’re parked. This way the staff can prepare their child’s bags and bring the child to the pick-up area.
  10. Masks are required to be worn by the staff at all times. If the parent wishes, child face shields are available as an option.
  11. Lower group sizes. Group sizes will be limited to 10 children, and groups are separated at least 10 feet apart at all times.
  12. Child-safe fogging sanitizing machines will be used frequently.
  13. Each child will have their own activity materials (e.g. crayons, scissors, glue stick, paper, etc.) bin to minimize sharing of commonly used items
  14. Stricter return from sickness policy.
  15. Hand sanitizing stations installed throughout the facility (for adults).
  16. Installation of UV-C chambers in the facility to sanitize face masks and face shields frequently
  17. Installation of UV-C lights in HVAC intakes to constantly disinfect and sanitize circulating air inside the facility.
  18. No shaking hands policy. We bow. Children will be taught to do it also.
  19. All surfaces indoors and outdoors will be disinfected more frequently.
  20. New floor markings throughout the facility to promote social distancing.
  21. No administering of over-the-counter fever-related medications in the school.

Though these new safety protocols are necessary, the one thing that doesn’t change is how our children are treated. We will continue to give them the same love, care, affection, and education that we’ve been known for. Now more than ever, the children need to feel that everything is alright… comfort them about why things have to be; reassure them that we are the same loving teachers behind the masks; and nurture them through these most important stages of their life development.

For families that are not yet comfortable returning to a physical center, we continue to offer distant learning. Check out more details here –>

Due to reduced capacity, spots will be very limited. Please go to to check out our most-up-to-date spot availability and reserve now.